TOR Minerals: high versatility of applications


Our ATH, Boehmite, Titanium Dioxide and Barium Sulfate have the power to be transformed in many different and incredible results. If you are a manufacturer and you are looking for the best raw materials for your business, pay attention to this article and discover the quality of the best specialty minerals. 

ALUPREM, Premium Aluminum Trihydrate and Boehmite.

These products are suitable for a broad range of applications including Wire & Cable, Printed Circuit Boards, Catalysts, High-Tech Polishing, Coatings and Pigments. Performance benefits include high temperature flame retardant, improved mechanical properties & scratch resistance, good resin compatibility and high brightness.

One of the most important applications of our ATH is the Solid Surface manufacture. Part of the amazing and modern design our clients obtain in their products is thanks to the high quality and high standards of our minerals. See some of these applications here

TITANIUM DIOXIDE, our unique and innovative colored mineral.

Unique, Beige and Gray Colored TiO2 Pigments offer formulation cost savings for paints and coatings (architectural, industrial, metal finishes, powder coating, coil backers, primers and wood coatings), sealants, floor tiles, PVC and plastics master batch.

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Barium Sulfate’s high density is one of the primary reasons it is used as a Pigment. Suitable for use in both acid and basic conditions, BARTEX gives weight and body to products ranging from Powder Coatings to Rubber products (floor mats and curtain backings) and Plastics (poker chips and billiard balls). BARTEX is also used as an extender pigment in top coats and primers.

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