Aluminum Trihydrate for Composites. The future of ATH

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Have you ever heard about the word “Composite”? If not, you serioulsy need to update yourself and discover this latest application of ATH -Aluminum Trihydrate-, one of the TOR Minerals keys.

According to the specialized website Composits Symposium, “the use of composites in aeronautical design is increasing since 90′ ” The perfect example for this isreflected on the weight of the biggest plain of the world, which currently corresponds in 25% to composites, mostly in wings and body.

The aerospace and aeronautical sectors are changing their courses during these years choosing composites over other conventional materials. Which are the specific reasons for that?

  • Composite enjoys better properties
  • Composite is a lighter material
  • Composites are indispensable for modern engineers
  • Composite performance proves to be more efficient

It was planned that Boeing 787-Dreamliner could include almost 52% of composites.

If you are interested on discovering more applications of our high quality ATH mineral, come and visit us on our offcial webpage 

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Information source: Composites Symposium 2011

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